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An Introduction to Guizhou University of Engineering Science

  Founded in 1938, Guizhou University of Engineering Science (GUES) was authorized and renewed to its present name in May 2014 by the Ministry of Education.

  GUES lies in the northwest of Guizhou Province, the only one regional institution for higher education in Guizhou that has its location in the city centre. The University is convenient in transportation with Feixiong Airport, Hangrui highway and Xiarong highway going across the city.

  GUES comprises 13 schools and 1 teaching institution, with 41 specialties for undergraduates, which cover seven disciplines, namely, engineering, natural science, education, humanities, literature, management, and arts. The university has an enrollment of over 7000 full-time students from 24 provinces and it currently has 922 faculties and staffs. The major courses are offered mostly by professors and associate professors.

  GUES now has 2 province-level key disciplines, 1 province-level key discipline with special characteristics, 4 province-level supportive key disciplines, 2 province-level key laboratories with special characteristics, 1 province-level 2011 collaborative innovation center, 3 province-level engineering centers, 4 province-level innovative teams of science and technology, 2 province-level excellent teaching teams, 1 province-level specialty with special characteristics, 3 province-level comprehensive reforming majors, 2 province-level excellent courses, and 1 state-level enterprise-related base for college students, 1 Ministry of Agriculture authorized state-level comprehensive experimental station with villus sheep industrial technology in Bijie and 2 industry-university-research cooperation bases.

  GUES offers scholarship for international students.

  With “Striving and Progressing” as its motto, the student-cultivation objective of GUES is for students to become engineers and teachers with expertise in local industrialization, urbanization, and basic education. GUES has been persistent in serving the locality, the province and the state. The ultimate goal of GUES by the end of the decade is to build a high-level applied technological university with distinctive characteristics.

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