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GUES Holds Welcoming Party of 2017
2017-10-26 16:54  

 On the evening of October 25, Guizhou University of Engineering Science (GUES) held Welcoming Party of 2017 at Zheng Xin Hall。 Li Qiyong, the president of GUES, Tang Yuhua, deputy party secretary of GUES, the directors of all offices and schools and nearly 700 teachers and students came to this party。

 The welcoming party began with a hand language show named “I Am Really Great” performed by instructor group.

 In this party, the sketch, traditional dances, street dance and drama were performed vividly and excitingly.

 Audience felt exotic beauty from the “Laotian Traditional Dance” showed by international students.

 The welcoming party ended with a song named “Sunshine on the Road”, which expressed a bright future of China and also a better tomorrow of GUES.

 University is a new start and an important milestone in life. This welcoming party not only brought teachers and students both audio and visual feast, but also the expectation to new students. Wish them to embrace the new stage and pursue their new dreams.

Dance "Peacock" 

Street dance "Drop the Phone"

Dance "Furious Chu"

Laotian traditional dance by international students

Group photo



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