Kanstantin P. Dotsenko,the Vice-rector of MSPU Visited GUES-Guizhou University of Engineering Science


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Kanstantin P. Dotsenko,the Vice-rector of MSPU Visited GUES
2017-04-13 16:48  

On April the 12th, Kanstantin P. Dotsenko, the vice-president of Moscow State

University of Education (MSPU), the Russian Federation visited GUES accompanied by Tian Yanlin, Chairman of Guizhou overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Russia。 Tang Yuhua, the deputy secretary of Party Committee of GUES and Lu Fengpeng, the vice president of GUES met with them。


Lu Fengpeng extended his warm welcome to Kanstantin P. Dotsenko and Tian Yanlin first. He said: “GUES is the only University in Bijie Region.” with nearly 80 years history and a wide range of disciplines, GUES has made appositive contribution for the local economic construction of Bijie Region. GUES has always been warm and hospitable and welcome the fraternal colleges to share the ideas and support the development of GUES. Kanstantin P. Dotsenko introduced MSUP briefly .After that, the both sides conducted a comprehensive thorough exchange and discussion on the idea of School Management, the development of the School, the training of talents, the construction of characteristic discipline,the construction of serving local economic, and other aspects. Lu Fengpeng and Kangchading Damon signed Contract of Intent for Cooperation between the two universities.


福运彩票平台Prior to the meeting, Kanstantin P。 Dotsenko had visited our West Campus。


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